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Game 1 Afterglow

Posted on: June 6, 2009 5:11 am
That's all, really. The Lakers pounded the Magic in every way conceivable. They played tough inside defense with Howard, and he pretty much disappeared, as he has been known to do. They covered close on the perimeter, and forced bad shots by the Magic shooters.

The only thing I think needs to be improved upon is the allowance of dribble penetration. The point guard (whether it be Alston or Nelson) consistently got into the paint, which forced Lakers big men to collapse down and prevent the easy basket. This took them off their own men, who were wide open inside. Either that, or help defense took men off the perimeter, and Magic shooters were open. This has to change. Whether it be playing Fisher less minutes and putting quicker PGs on the floor to deal with the Magic's speed at PG, or doubling up top and playing help defense, it must change.

I am going to Game 2 at Staples. More to come.
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